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Access Fees

 Three-day access      48 ILS
 Daily Access Fee      17 ILS 
 Daily Access Fee - Saturdays and Public Holidays          23 ILS
 Weekly Access Fee      70 ILS
 Annual Access      280 ILS
Annual access to residents of Tel Aviv-Yaffo and Givatayim.      240 ILS  

- Reissue and dispatch of a Tel-o-fun key - 40 NIS.
- Reissue of a Tel-o-fun key at the reception located at the city hall - 20 NIS.

  Cumulative time   
 from rental beginning    

 Total extra

   Up to 30 minutes

     0 ILS

   Up to 60 minutes

     6 ILS

   Up to 90 minutes (1.5 Hours)

     12 ILS

   Up to 150 minutes (2.5 Hours)

     32 ILS

   Up to 210 minutes (3.5 Hours)

     72 ILS

   Up to 270 minutes (4.5 Hours)

     152 ILS
   Each additional hour, until the end of the first 24 hours
     100 ILS

* In addition to subscription payment

Attention Please!
>Using the bicycle beyond the first 30 minutes entails extra usage fees in addition to the one-time Access fee.
>If less than 10 minutes pass between the time a bike is returned to the parking stations and bike re-rental by the same >subscriber, the rental time will be calculated cumulatively.

When entering your credit card into our system for a bike rental your credit card provider will "block" a sum greater than your anticipated charges.  The blocked amount will be removed from your balance prior to receiving your statement.

Example 1: a customer who returns bike after 145 minutes, pays only 32 ILS.
Example 2: a customer who returns bike after 3 hours, pays 72 ILS.

> Any subscriber can register up to three more subscribers (for a total of 4 subscribers) on the same credit card.
> Credit card validation is a prerequisite for rental. 

 A delay in returning the bike, until the end of the first 24 hours          1,200 ILS
 For every additional day of another 24 hours                       800 ILS            
 Maximum fine      4,500 ILS

Example 1: a customer who returns bike after 25 hours, will be fined 2,000 ILS.
Example 2: a customer who returns bike after 144 hours (6 days), or fails to return them at all, will be fined 4,500 ILS.


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