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Welcome to Tel-O-Fun!

Tel-O-Fun service offers 2000 bicycles which are spread around Tel-Aviv - Jaffa and Givatayim, as reachable as the palm of your hand.

Tel-O-Fun App

Tel-O-Fun, the bike rent service of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Givatayim  is now also on an app.

Tel-O-Fun service has recently launched an app where you can release a bicycle for a ride with just a simple click.

Tel-O-Fun service is the top leading bicycle rent project. It is the only one that offers annual, monthly, weekly and daily subscriptions in an affordable price.

Tel-O-Fun bikes are of the highest quality. They are lightweight, they have gears and are regularly maintained.

Additionally, they hold no hassle for the public, and are returned in designated stations around town.

The Tel-O-Fun app is available for download. After an initial registration, releasing a bike is quick, easy and effortless.

The service is open and available for everyone; Tel Aviv residents, visitors and tourists, 24 hours a day, all year long.

Visitors from out of town that arrive in a car can park in any of the nearby parking lots and keep navigating through the city on the green bike.

You can choose any one of the available access cards:

Annual subscription - can be purchased here on the website.

Daily, three-day or weekly access card - can be purchased by following this link or using your credit card at any one of the rental station terminals.
With each ride, the first 30 minutes are included in the rental fee. Beyond that, you pay according to how long you’re using the bicycle.

Want to find out how it works? Click here.


How does it work ? Watch the movie
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